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* Do you know what the DNS Zone File is?

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The Zone File exists as a traditional text file in a DNS server. Inside it, we could see an actual representation of the zone. In addition, the Zone File includes the entire collection of records for each domain within the zone.

The format of that text-based file is described in RFC 1035 and RFC 1034. Originally this format was utilized by the Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND) software package. Yet, its usage is widely embraced by other various DNS server software.

As we mentioned, the Zone Files contain inside the different DNS records, yet one of them has a very important purpose. Therefore, Zone Files always have to start with an SOA record. Inside it, important data is saved, such as the name of the authoritative master name server for the zone. Moreover, in the SOA record is included the email address of the administrator accountable for managing the zone.

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